Our modern society includes many different cultures and people from different parts of our world. A return to a homeland is important for some families. Though this task may seem impossible, eco’s extensive expertise facilitates the repatriation of remains, whether full body or cremated. With knowledge of consular regulations around the world, eco guarantees safe shipment for a lower cost than you might expect.

Returning a loved one home can seem like an expensive and daunting task. Our Licensed Funeral Directors specialize in this honourable task and will guide you through shipment of the deceased to any place in the world. Whether full body, or cremated this honour is more common than one may think.\

Full Body Repatriation

With your trust, we work alongside country-specific consulates as well as translators and other officials to ensure the fastest and most respectable return of one’s full body to their homeland for burial or cremation. From the first step all the way to the final flights, we can be relied on 24/7.

Repatriation of Cremated Remains

Each country in the world has specific rules on how to ensure safe entry of a cremated body into their country. Rely on Eastland to guide you through the steps to ensure that your loved one’s ashes are safe and that all elements are covered for this important task.

Full Body Repatriation

We're a trusted leader in repatriations both domestically and internationally via flight and ground transportation.

Although this wish may seem daunting and overwhelming, trust us to simplify this process for you. Through our exclusive network of consular relationships across the entire globe, sending a loved one home can be simpler and more affordable than you think.

eco’s Price Guarantee has you protected, ensuring that you never overpay to send a loved one home, or bring them back. We offer all specialized products including shipping shells, hermetically sealed containers, banding and sealing as well as all translation services required based on government regulations. eco has quickly become a trusted leader in repatriations both domestically and internationally via flight and ground transportation.

Domestic Services from $2499* 
International Services from $3799* 
+ associated required shipping products, taxes & disbursements